Authentic „ComfEnglish” placement test lasts 15min. It checks active resources and knowledge needed for practical spoken English use. The final result is the level category which helps us to learn about our students and create groups.

In „ComfEnglish” we have the following categories:

(A1-A2) - Basic
(B1-B2) - Medium
(C1-C2) - Advanced

What is this?

I am sitting ____ my desk in front ____ my computer and looking ____ this test.

What ____ you do ____ weekends ____ the afternoon?

It's very cold here ____ winter so my mum ________ hot teas _____ lemon.

I ______ made the dinner yet. It will be ready ____ an hour! I will let you know when ____

I am seeing my doctor ____ 5th of May ____ the evening ____ the Warsaw clinic.

For the question below, choose the best responses. (multiple choice)

Would you like to have a walk with me?

Is used to express future plans, intentions, or predictions.

General facts, repetitive actions and routines.

anything happening now or around now, also for fixed plans in the future.

Something happened in the past, a finished or completed action.

Something continued in the past. For example: I was dancing in the party for some time.

Something that happens in the future. For example: I will go there tomorrow.

Something that continues in the future. For example: I will be building this house for a long time.

Which of these is in the future? (multiple choice)

Create a verb from the adjective: 'large'.

Create an adjective from the verb: 'beautify'.

Something started in the past and is finished in the present. For example: I've drunk my tea.

What is the function of Present Perfect in these sentences?

I've been to London, what about you?
Yeah, I visited it once in the past.

Have you ever flown a plane?
I've never flown, and you?

Something started in the past and continues in the present. For example: I have been driving a car for 5 hours.

What are the correct synonyms for the phrasal verb? (multiple choice)

I have put it off so many times that I need to do it now. 

Yuliia and Adam talk about art. Listen and tick the right answers. (multiple choice)

What conditional type is it?

If I had been studying feverishly for the last 5 years, I would be a high-paid graphic designer in an international company.

Select the best paraphrase of the sentence below.

You'd better hurry up now as you may miss your train!

What is the function of present continuous tense in the following sentence?

You are always taking my laptop!

Tick the best synonyms for the word 'strong'. (multiple choice)


An action before the first past action. For example: I went to school yesterday but I had left my books at home.

Select the two first actions in this story (multiple choice)

I was so tired yesterday that I forgot to close the door and went to bed. Someone broke into my house and took all my valuable assets. All has happened because I had been working a lot all day and had forgotten to drink coffee.

Something that is continuous but finishes by a specific deadline in the future. For example: I will have been going to this school for 10 years by Tuesday next week.

What characteristic feature does an omniscient person have?

A continuous action which is before other action or actions in the past. For example: They had been going for two years before Tom decided to propose to her.

Something that is finished or completed in the future by a specific deadline. For example: I will have finished this house by the end of this year.

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